Holiday Form/Leave of absence Request

If you would like to request a leave of absence for your child the application form can be found below.
In line with local authority guidance, the headteacher is only allowed to authorise leave of absence in exceptional circumstances and proof must be obtained from employers etc. If unauthorised and the absence still takes place a fine may be issued from the Educational Social Welfare Service.
Once completed please return the completed form and evidence to the school office.

Please be aware that the law around compulsory school attendance is now back in force since the start of the Autumn Term. This includes the regulations around leave of absence during term time. There continues to be no entitlement for parents to take their child out of school during term-time, unless this is completely unavoidable. Children have already lost so much teaching and learning time due to the coronavirus, and the priority now is for us to work together in the best interests of all children’s education.


All schools within Wirral work closely with the Council on school attendance matters. The Council is fully committed to making sure that all children attend school and make the best possible progress. Unauthorised holidays taken during term time can result in Penalty Notices being issued by the Council. As a school, this is something that we would wish to avoid and ask that any holidays be planned for school holiday periods.  


At St Peter’s we understand that many of our families, friends and staff have missed out on holidays due to the pandemic. We are also aware that many are trying to re-book for 2021.


We are all trying to pick up the pieces after such a turbulent time and any application for leave will be considered if placed in writing to the Head teacher but we very much hope you understand that the loss of a holiday due to Covid-19 restrictions will not constitute an exceptional circumstance.