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Dear Parents,
Following on from the Government release, some families are having to self isolate. Please find below a range of websites with activities to support your child's learning whilst at home. 
Multi Sensory Spellings - Have a go at testing your spelling skills in a multi sensory way
Virtual Museum Tours - Take a virtual tour of some of Britians most amazing museums 
Cross Curriculuar - English, Maths, Science & RE - cross curricular activities and resources for key stage 1 & 2
BBC online learning - BBC are providing free online resources to help with learning from home - a weekly pack from Edsential containing fun activities for the whole family - lots of maths projects and tasks to enjoy from home - look at your online safety and how best to stay safe online - lots of interactive materials for children aged 1-6/ They are offering free full access with live classes and on demand classes - parents just need to sign up - a variety of games for all here - learn how to make online games here - use the code UKTWINKLHELP for free access to resources - This site will lead you to a wealthg of websites to support home learning - Oxford Owl for Home is a bright and colourful website with free resources available to download withoutregistering. Aimed at primary children, they offer activities for reading, English, Mathematics and intercative games. There's also handy 'How to' videos to explain tricky concepts. Oxford Owl's free e-book section is wonderful. It's still free but you need a log-in to access it. Great if your little ones would like to keep in touch with their favourite characters. - lots of educational games and resources for all ages - register for a free trial to get 2 weeks access to reading resources suitable for all ages. - lots of space related activities for all children. - a range of activities here but especially good interactive activities for maths - provides schools with a unique platform for news-based learning. Free subscription and resources during closures. - if you need access to free worksheets and activities, here's another good place to start. Our friends in the USA have made a really valuable platform here. You'll need to convert the year groups though! As a rough guide: Foundation = Pre-kindergarten, Year 1 = kindergarten, Year 2 = 1st grade etc. - Classroom Secrets Kids offers FREE access to everyone until the end of April 2020. the platform is aimed at primary aged children and covers subjects such as maths, reading, grammar and spelling. The platform is really child-friendly so that they're  able to access it on their own. There's loads of games and interactive activities from phonics to SATs - National Geographic is a great platform for learning and it's totallyfree. There's online games, resources and competitions too.