Through Personal Social Health Education (PSHE),  we  deliver a curriculum which is intended to be accessible and inclusive to all learners at St Peter’s. We aim to provide pupils with knowledge of their world, locally, nationally and globally, ensuring children are aware of important British Values and how these link to our everyday lives in school. Pupils at St Peter’s are encouraged to develop healthy life styles and their sense of self-worth by playing a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community. Our school council are vital in promoting our school rules and values, as well as organising fundraising events for local charities. This allows a good example to be set for all pupils to follow and aspire to.



The PSHE curriculum is designed to enhance the pastoral education of our pupils, which is so important, as well as the academic outcomes that the school aims for. At St Peter’s, we use ‘Heart Smart’ resources to encourage children to think positively, reflect on who and what is important to them and recognise how we can keep ourselves and others around us safe and happy. We also use a range of other resources, for example, Real Love Rocks, SEAL, Christopher Winters and health education resources. Visitors such as the school nurse, Merseyside Police , Fire Service and  NSPCC supplement the curriculum, bringing it to life. Cross-curricular links are made with a range of subjects, for instance Science  and RE.

At St Peter’s, we also under take themed work, for instance  One World Week, UK Parliament Week, Anti-Bullying Week and Wellness Week. In this way children have further opportunities   to learn more about different cultures and religions, democracy and   the importance to keep ourselves fit and healthy.



-          Children will recognise and appreciate the British Values of democracy, tolerance, mutual respect, rule of law and liberty.

-          They will also understand how to develop positive and healthy relationships with their peers both now and in the future.

-          They will be aware of how to show respect for themselves and others, which is reinforced throughout the school day with reference to our whole school rules.

-          Pupils at St Peter’s will be equipped with the skills and qualities to tackle modern issues with respect and tolerance for individuals of all backgrounds.

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Our whole school took part in this years 'Race for Life' and helped raise money for Cancer Research UK