Church News

Holy Name/St Peter's church website is currently offline. Father John Hovington has include the most up to date newsletter below and will publish any relevant information on this website. 
A paper copy of the Parish Newsletter can be obtained from the office at St Peter's Catholic Primary School.

As well as the thoughts from Richard Rohr and Henri Nouwen I have included the readings for this Sunday, Trinity Sunday, and for next Sunday, Corpus Christi.


“ Dogs will come when you call. Cats let you know that they’ll let you know.”


“Could Jesus have passed a modern exam in theology?” Malcolm Muggeridge


“When people agree with me, I always feel that I must be wrong.” Oscar Wilde


“A man in the canal shouts out: ‘I can’t swim.’

A man on the river bank replies: ‘I can’t play the piano,

but I don’t go shouting about it.’ ”


“When David Frost’s wife was asked whether her husband was religious,

she replied, ‘Absolutely. He thinks he’s God almighty.’ “


Stay safe and well,

Fr Hov

The email address above is the email for our Parish JustGiving site if wish to continue your CAFOD donations during this lockdown period.

I thank Wendy and Phil Owens for setting this up.


“Is there any place to eat in this part of Ireland?”

“Yes, there are two,”

“Which one do you advise?”

“Well, if you go to one, you’ll wish you’d gone to the other.”


“I’ve had a wonderful evening. That wasn’t it” Groucho Marx


“He has sat on the fence so long, that the iron has entered his soul.” Lloyd George on Sir John Simon


“When I point to the moon, stop looking at my finger.” Zen saying


“It is a pity that when God limited man’s intelligence, he did not also limit his stupidity.” Konrad Adenauer


FR Hov