Reading & Phonics



At St Peter’s Primary School we teach high quality phonic sessions daily from Foundation 1 to Year 3.   Primarily we follow the `Letters and Sounds` Scheme and we integrate aspects of `Bug Club` scheme to ensure that the teaching and learning is appealing for our children.

The children are assessed half termly to track their progress and ensure that good progress is being made throughout the year.
We provide workshops for our Parents & Families to allow us to information share and show case activities that will consolidate phonic knowledge and understand at home.
In June , Year 1 children are formally assessed using an unseen  Government phonic screening test. This test is undertaken also by Year 2 children who did not achieve the required standard when tested in Year 1. The results  of these tests are reported to Parents/Carers.  



Learning to read is complex yet essential for all our children’s life chances. Reading relies on us learning many different cues such as structure (how sentences are formed); it relies on Meaning (us having an understanding of the world around us) and finally we have to be able to use visual cues (attending to all the visual information on the page, not just the letters and words but also the illustrations!)
At St Peter’s  we believe passionately in the power of reading and we work closely with our children,  families and staff to promote daily exposure to text both at home and school. We hold an annual course for our families  which allows for informal discussion and modelling of how we can promote reading as Parents. The sessions have proven to boost parent’s confidence, which has enabled them to share and enjoy reading with their children at home.
At St Peter’s we believe in early intervention and personalised teaching and learning. We have a large number of literacy based interventions which are tailored around the individual child, and involve daily reading sessions on a one to one basis.  Children also read in the classroom, via guided reading sessions (group based) and shared reading sessions (whole class or group based)

The children are assessed half termly to track their progress and ensure that good progress is being made throughout the year. In May , Year 2 and Year  6 children are formally assessed by using unseen SATs Tests. The results are reported to Parents/Carers.  



We use a variety of scheme texts to ensure children learn and apply a range of reading strategies. We endeavour to choose books/texts that engage and appeal to our pupils.
Parents are encouraged to listen to their children read every night and to return their reading book and log to school so the book can be changed.

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